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My first website was born in July 2001 and was a simple photo gallery to show the Madonna community the pictures I took at the Drowned World Tour at Earls Court in London on 10 July 2001. It was hosted by www.geocities.com and had over 500 visitors.

The first Geocities website

I then started looking at building a new site, to bring my collection of Madonna photographs and animated avatars onto the net, and with this idea, LittleStar - The Madonna Site was born.

It launched on 01 October 2001 and within a few months had some Madonna exclusives, it brought you the first high quality pics of the Pop portfolio, and a sneaky look inside the Mario Testino Exhibition.
LittleStar was also invited to be a founding member of www.annodam.com - The Madonna Portal, a great collection of Madonna fan sites.

The Angelfire website

Hosted by www.angelfire.com, the site began to get more vistors each day, but then Angelfire stopped people being able to link to my avatars so the site had to move hosts again.

In December 2001 LittleStar moved to paid hosting which allowed people to link to the avatars and photographs. With this paid hosting, a domain name (www.thelittlestar.co.uk) was purchased.

By January 2002, the site had over 50,000 visitors and over 200 people on it's mailing list.

In April 2002, LittleStar's visitors had reached over 100,000. I then started to design my new site which would include brand new galleries featuring over 1200 photographs (including some rare ones not available anywhere else) and some other new features.

On 11 May 2002 LittleStar Version 2 was launched - because that was the day LittleStar "met" Madonna.

LittleStar - The Madonna Site Version 2

In November 2002, LittleStar - The Madonna Site was nominated as Top Fansite in the BBC Top Of The Pops Awards 2002.

At the end of 2002 it was time for a change - LittleStar was retired and Madonnalicious was born on 01 January 2003.

Madonnalicious - Version 1

After madonnalicious was launched the site again had trouble with it's webhosts and their 'unlimited' bandwidth policy and was forced to find new webhosts again. The site was getting too popular and was receiving large numbers of visitors.

By the Summer of 2003 the site had received over 1,000,000 visitors and was now getting a daily audience of 6,000 visitors.

By December 2003 the site was too popular and was suspended by it's webhosts for having too many visitors (nearly 10,000 a day) - it was time to get a dedicated server with a new company. So now madonnalicious lives in a little server farm in Texas, USA!

madonnalicious was named as the Top Madonna Site (and was ranked 23 out of 500 music sites) in the People's Choice Award in the 2003 Interactive Music Awards.

madonnalicious - Version 2 was launched in January 2004.

Madonnalicious - Version 2

During 2004 as the Re-Invention tour was launched, the site got even more visitors.
On the day the tour opened the site received over 50,000 hits, which over the course of the tour averaged out to about 20,000 visits a day.

During the tour madonnalicious opened a forum which quickly became very busy and popular with over 3000 members.

By August 2004 the site had it's 6,000,000 visitor, which meant that over the course of a year madonnalicious had over 5,000,000 visits.

In October 2004 madonnalicious was voted as the Best Unofficial Music Site in the 2004 Digital Music Awards. The webmaster picked up the award in person at the ceremony at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London.

During 2005 visitor numbers grew even more and madonnalicious was able to offer even more downloads with the use of a free download service - which saved our bandwidth bills!

By August 2005 madonnalicious had it's 10,000,000 visitor!

In October 2005 madonnalicious was shortlisted as the Best Unofficial Music Site in the 2005 Digital Music Awards thanks to all the votes we received from visitors.

Madonnalicious - Version 3

madonnalicious version 3 was launched on the day Madonna announced her new Confessions Tour (Monday 03 April 2006). The site content was simplified to bring you just the essential news, pictures and downloads and to make it more easy to manage for the webmaster!

On Christmas Day 2007 madonnalicious version 4 was launched. With a brand new news page allowing for readers to subscribe to RSS feeds and comment directly on news stories.

In 2008 madonnalicious was named as one of Entertainment Weekly's 25 Essential Fansites!

Advising Media Companies

madonnalicious has helped such TV, radio, print and internet media names as Blender, Channel 4, GAP, MTV, North End Television, Q Magazine, Record Collector, River Road Productions, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Telegraph, Women Who Rock with enquires, promotion, research and articles about Madonna.

The webmaster of madonnalicious has also been interviewed personally and featured in radio, press and film by the BBC and various European magazines.

If you want to contact madonnalicious for media enquires, please email here.

About The Webmaster

madonnalicious is designed and run single-handedly by Clare who is based in London, England, and who has been a fan of Madonna since 1984.

Site Statement

My main aim is to put the best of the UK's (and the rest of the world's) media about Madonna onto the internet, to people who wouldn't have an opportunity to see it otherwise.

I get my material from my personal collection of magazines, newspapers, books and from internet news sites.
I also go out and about in London to get some exclusive photographs and news stories.

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