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News Archive: February 2005
Madonna and Guy in NYC pictures
Posted: 28 February 2005

The latest pictures of Madonna in Guy in New York City taken on Saturday can be viewed here and here.

Picture By Adi Piper takes up modelling on Madonna's advice
Posted: 28 February 2005 - From the Sunday Mail

The hunky Scots piper handpicked by Madonna to perform on her world tour has been signed up as a model after she encouraged him to pursue a catwalk career.
Lawyer Lorne Cousin, 32, travelled the world with the pop icon on her sell-out Re-Invention tour last year. He returned to his old job as a conveyancing solicitor in Edinburgh last October after five months travelling the globe on private jets and staying in luxury hotels. But now the 6ft 1ins Scot is launching a career as a male model, on Madonna's advice, and has just been signed up by modelling agency Colours Model Management.
Lorne, from Campbelltown, said: 'It's not something I would have ever considered before. During the tour we were always doing different photo shoots for various magazines and Madonna suggested I should try modelling. When I came back to Scotland, I put together a portfolio of photos and was signed up by this agency. I've just started to do it and fit it in with my job in conveyancing. It's a hobby at the moment.'
Madonna invited Lorne on her tour after hearing him play at Stella McCartney's wedding on Bute in the summer of 2003. Earlier this month, Lorne was flown to Milan to play at the Pringle of Scotland fashion show, piping the models on stage.
He said yesterday: 'I'm still in touch with Madonna. I would consider her a friend, as I think she does me.'

Latest NYC picture
Posted: 26 February 2005

Madonna, Guy, Lourdes and Rocco attended services last night at The Kabbalah Center in New York City - to view the picture, click here.

Madonna.com faces the Music
Posted: 26 February 2005

Madonna's official website have updated their page again, this time with a shot by Jean Baptiste Mondino to promote Madonna's album Music.

Vote: Brits Best Opening Number
Posted: 25 February 2005 - Thanks to !!!

Fans can vote for Madonna's performance of Bedtime Story as the Best Opening Performance over the last ten years of Brit Awards. To vote click here.

Madonna's classic performance took place at London's Alexandra Palace in February 1995 and you can download it from the madonnalicious downloads section.

Site News: Latest Picture Uploads
Posted: 25 February 2005

80 pictures have been uploaded to the galleries, you can view these pictures here.

Gala magazine
Posted: 25 February 2005 - Thanks to Kirsten

Yesterday's issue of German magazine Gala featured a new picture of Madonna taken this week as she is wrapped up to face the New York City weather.

Has Madonna signed up gospel choir again?
Posted: 24 February 2005

UK newspaper The Sun has reported that Madonna has used the London Community Gospel Choir on a new track for her album.
The choir, who previously worked on Nothing Fails, are supposed to have already secretly recorded their part in a London studio recently.
The choir have also previously worked with Stevie Wonder, Sting, Sir Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, George Michael, Elton John and Sean 'P Diddy' Combs.

Madonna attends book launch party in NYC
Posted: 24 February 2005

Madonna attended the book launch party for the latest book by Deepak Chopra Peace Is The Way and a silent auction to benefit Amnesty International at the Diane von Furstenberg Studio. Madonna then attended the VIP After Show party at the AVA Lounge in the Dream Hotel, New York City on 21 February.

To view the pictures of Madonna at the event, click here, here and here.

Madonna's new TV project
Posted: 24 February 2005 - From contactmusic.com

Pop superstar Madonna has teamed up with British comedian Eddie Izzard (pictured left) to make a new TV drama.
The Material Girl will produce, and possibly appear, in the show - about an Irish conman (Izzard) who tricks the residents of Baton Rouge, in America's deep south.
The transvestite comic explains, 'It's very dark and sinister. It's a cracking script, but so far we're only on the pilot, so I don't know whether she's going to appear in it herself.'

Madonna shows us her collection
Posted: 23 February 2005 - From the Evening Standard

Madonna is to lend two of her most cherished works of art to Tate Modern for an exhibition, it was revealed today.
In June the Tate will hold the first ever British exhibition dedicated to Frida Kahlo.
The eccentrically moustached Mexican painter was the subject of an Oscarwinning film Frida in 2002, starring Salma Hayek.
The Tate Modern exhibition will star more than 70 of her 144 paintings - including Madonna's canvasses Self-Portrait with Monkey and My Birth.
Madonna's art curator, Darlene K Lutz, has said of the self-portrait: 'The Kahlo painting is so powerful and enigmatic that we hope people will get beyond its personal history, as Madonna has, and see the artistic genius....it is the number one love of her collection.'
Self-Portrait with Monkey is one of the most cherished pieces in Madonna's art collection and has pride of place in her London home.
The singer receives up to 10 requests a year to lend her works - which include paintings by Picasso, Léger, Salvador Dali and Man Ray.

Dining out at London's Cipriani
Posted: 23 February 2005 - Thanks to Kirsten

The latest issue of German magazine Celebrity features a piece on London restaurant Cipriani and features a previously unseen picture of Madonna inside the restaurant on the day of the Versace photoshoot back in November 2004.

Latest pictures of Madonna in NYC
Posted: 23 February 2005 - Thanks to lorpicazo

Madonna visited the Mercer Hotel in NYC yesterday and was photographed as she arrived and left the building, to view the pictures click here, here and here.

Interestingly actor/comedian Ricky Gervais was also at the Mercer Hotel yesterday fuelling rumours that Madonna may have had a meeting with him regarding a role in his new show Extras.

The Ultimate Popstar
Posted: 23 February 2005 - Thanks to Mike

UK TV channel Five broadcast this weekend a show looking at the The Ultimate Popstar, the list was based on UK single sales and Madonna was the top-placed female artist at number 4 in the list. Here are the top five acts:

1. Cliff Richard
2. The Beatles
3. Elvis Presley
4. Madonna
5. Elton John

The Ritchie's are back in NYC
Posted: 22 February 2005 - Thanks to G-Yunit

Madonna, Guy, Lourdes and Rocco flew back to New York City this weekend.

It is believed that Madonna will spend some of her time on this trip in meetings regarding a new management team.

The best UK TV pop debuts
Posted: 21 February 2005 - From the Evening Standard

They are the moments that reshaped pop history. From Madonna defining the sound and style of the Eighties with her first appearance on British TV to the Sex Pistols outraging the nation almost a decade before, they are debut television performances which launched the careers of some of music's biggest stars.
A poll today lists the top 10 most important music television debuts in history, the landmark moments when those who would go on to become legendary stars were first seen in action by audiences far bigger than those at their concerts.
The list was put together by a panel of experts to mark the launch of the ITN Archive, a new database of music footage from commercial TV channels.
Some performances may have seemed innocuous at the time, but went on to become much more meaningful.
When Madonna came to the UK to perform Holiday on The Tube, her record company almost refused to foot the bill for her trip, believing that the 25-year-old singer was destined to be a one-hit wonder.

Madonna is at number 4 in the list, behind The Sex Pistols, Nirvana and Oasis:
Madonna performing Holiday on The Tube, 27 January 1984. Before this, Madge was a dance music novelty. But by the end of the year she would be a pop colossus.

Right Click And Save Target As
The Tube - Burning Up/Holiday - 1984 - WMV - 8:21 seconds - 18.8Mb

Christopher answers back
Posted: 21 February 2005 - Thanks to Mo

The Rush & Molloy's column in today's edition of the New York Daily News spoke to Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone about their alledged rift:

'Our relationship is in very good standing, we speak to each other all the time,' the jewel-eyed designer told us. 'You know that every large family has its ups and downs, and we are no exception.'
As for speculation that Madonna's devotion to kabbalah, a mystical branch of Judaism, fueled the now-healed split, Ciccone says it can't be: He's into it, too. 'I practice kabbalah,' he told them, 'in my own way.'

Dress You Up: The Immaculate Clothing Collection
Posted: 21 February 2005 - Thanks to MadonnaMegaCollection for the scan

The NY Times Style Magazine (Women's Fashion Spring 2005 issue) features a small piece on how Madonna's clothes and stage costumes are in the process of being catalogued for a possible future exhibition:

All that cabalah and yoga has taught Madonna to look deep within....her closet. So she hired Karine Prot to catalog every incarnation of her wardrobe, from tour and movie costumes to outfits from 20 years of public appearances.
Going through the Material Girl's material isn't as easy at it seems, even for someone like Prot, who assisted Hamish Bowles, of Vogue, on the Jacqueline Kennedy exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Not only does Prot have to clean and pack each item, but she also has to identify it. 'I do my own informal research,' Prot says. 'A lot of the Madonna-fan Web sites are really helpful.'
When stumped, she can turn to the expert. 'Madonna usually remembers everything about a piece.' The matriarch of pop agrees, saying, 'God gave me a steel-trap memory, which serves me well most of the time.'
While she has yet to locate the Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra from the Blond Ambition tour, Prot says her favorite find so far is the skirt Keith Haring designed for the 'Borderline' video in 1984. 'It was in perfect condition,' she says. With work about half complete, Prot estimates it will be another year and a half until she's finished her treasure hunt, which may eventually go on tour: Madonna is thinking about mounting an exhibition. Could MoMAdonna be far behind?

Photographer Patrick Demarchelier
Posted: 20 February 2005 - Thanks to Judit

Head over to photographer Patrick Demarchelier's official website to see contact sheets containing outtakes from this 1990 photoshoot.
To view the website visit www.demarchelier.net

Behind the Scenes on The Road To Stardom
Posted: 20 February 2005

Here are a few titbits from the day of filming of Madonna's segment on The Road To Stardom at The Forum in Los Angeles:

The documentary crew are seen in the background behind the contestants, filming Madonna talking and filming Missy's crew filming Madonna. madonnalicious can also add that at the moment the tour documentary is still slated to be ready for May.

Caresse is seen wearing the Re-Invention tour jacket that all the tour crew had, each team members jacket had their name embroidered on it.

The bean bag that Madonna sits on while talking to the contestants was a last minute prop taken from the dancer's locker room floor.

Missy was supposed to show but she cancelled last minute due to a concert she was doing.

Madonna was wearing a t-shirt (which had to be blurred for TV broadcast) saying F*ck Off! I'm With The Band

Download: The Road To Stardom With Missy Elliott
Posted: 19 February 2005 - Thanks to Joni for capturing the show

You can now download Madonna's appearance on The Road To Stardom With Missy Elliott that aired in the US this week.

Right Click And Save Target As
The Road To Stardom With Missy Elliott - 2005 - WMV - 2:57 seconds - 6.25Mb

Madonna Sues Her Art Consultant Over Painting
Posted: 19 February 2005 - From Reuters - thanks to Sharon

Pop star Madonna is suing her longtime art consultant Darlene Lutz, claiming she is owed $265,000 for a painting that the adviser sold.
The summons filed in Manhattan Supreme Court and made public on Friday says Lutz owes Madonna the money based on a settlement agreement made between the two women in May 2004.
'The lawsuit is based on a breach of contract agreement,' said Liz Rosenberg, spokeswoman for Madonna.
Rosenberg had no details on the name of the painting or the artist.
Lutz did not return calls to her office for comment.

Madonna.com Takes A Bow
Posted: 19 February 2005

Madonna's official website www.madonna.com have updated their front page again.

Canadian TV: The Road To Stardom
Posted: 18 February 2005 - Thanks to Phil

The Canadian TV music channel 'Much Music' will be broadcasting Madonna's appearance on The Road to Stardom with Missy on March 2, at 9pm ET.

Madge Makes Time For Missy
Already hooked on 'The Road To Stardom With Missy Elliott'? You won't want to miss a special upcoming episode. Madonna will make a surprise appearance on the reality show to share some music biz advice with Missy's five finalists. Catch it all on Much Wednesday, March 2 at 9 pm ET.

Madonna to play Candy Darling on film?
Posted: 18 February 2005

Pop superstar Madonna has signed up to play a prostitute in a new movie - and was so desperate for the role she waived all payment.
The Material Girl has finally secured the chance to play cross-dresser Candy Darling, after chasing the part for years, writes British newspaper The Sun.
Darling starred in a number of Andy Warhol films and provided Lou Reed with the inspiration to write Candy Says and Walk On The Wild Side.
An insider says, 'Madonna has been desperate to make a film where she can earn respect for her acting abilities. She is still trying to shake off the bad publicity from the movie Swept Away. She sees this as her big chance.
'She has wanted to play this part for so long because she feels so strongly about the character. She said she would do anything for the part and has agreed to work for free.'

The Road To Stardom
Posted: 17 February 2005

Here are some screen captures from Madonna's appearance on UPN's The Road To Stardom With Missy Elliott that aired last night in the USA.

Bloodshy & Avant to write for Madonna?
Posted: 17 February 2005 - Thanks to Staffan

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reports that Swedish hitmakers Bloodshy & Avant, who produced Britney Spears' Toxic, have been asked to write a song for Madonna's new album.
Christan Karlsson, one half of the team, tells the newspaper how he was on vacation in Thailand, and suddenly found himself getting a phonecall from Madonna herself! Although they haven't actually started writing yet, they plan to write her a real 'dance-dynamite' number.

To read the full original article click here.

Bolero magazine
Posted: 17 February 2005 - Thanks to Rosanna

The March 2005 issue of Swiss magazine Bolero features a one-page feature on the Versace campaign, it also includes the newest picture from the campaign.
Click on the image to read the full article.

Re-Invention Tour DVD update
Posted: 17 February 2005

Madonna's official website has finally published some official news about the release of the tour DVD:

We have received tons of email here at Madonna.com regarding the DVD release of the Re-invention tour and we wanted everyone to know that a release date has not yet been set. We are currently looking at releasing the DVD some time during the fourth quarter of 2005 in time for the holidays.

US TV: The Road To Stardom
Posted: 16 February 2005

A quick reminder to US fans that they can catch Madonna's short appearance on the UPN show The Road To Stardom With Missy Elliott which airs tonight at 8pm ET.

Madonna to rock out on next album
Posted: 16 February 2005

Music website contactmusic.com reprise a story that was first featured in UK newspaper The Sun today:

Pop superstar Madonna is heading in a new direction on her next album, which will see her ditching dance-flavoured tracks in favour of a more rocking sound.
The Material Girl, who spends much of her time in England where she lives with her film-maker husband Guy Ritchie, has been listening to various British rock bands which have proved a huge influence on her almost-completed new record.
An insider says, 'Living in Britain she has become a real fan of Franz Ferdinand and loves the kitschy sound of The Darkness.
'She is moving more in that direction - real sounds, like a real band.'
'Madonna always keeps in touch with what is popular in the charts and has been really into the guitar-based rock bands of 2004.'
'The new album is taking shape as one of her best ever.'

New versace picture
Posted: 16 February 2005
Thanks to Chris and Joni

Here is another unseen picture from the Versace campaign which was published on the official Madonna fanclub site, ICON.

Official news on the Re-Invention DVD
Posted: 15 February 2005

Johann, the editor of Madonna's official fanclub magazine ICON has confirmed that the Re-Invention tour DVD has an anticipated release date of late November/ December 2005.

Although no actual firm date is given, this does show that the tour DVD is on it's way. The DVD was pushed back from it's original Spring 2005 release date due to marketing reasons involving the anticipated release of the tour documentary in the summer.

Latest London pictures
Posted: 15 February 2005

Madonna was photographed (with her driver) as she left her weekly pilates class in North London earlier today - to view the pictures click here and here.

Versace Spring/Summer 2005 press information
Posted: 15 February 2005

Madonna's official site www.madonna.com have provided a list of all the worldwide publications that have/are featuring the Versace Spring/Summer Mario Testino shot fashion campaign:

US Publications: ELLE, Harper's Bazzar, In Style, Interview, New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Time – Style & Design Issue, V Magazine, Vanity Fair, Vogue, W Magazine

UK Publications: Arena, ELLE, Harper's Queen, Tatler, The Times, Vogue, Wallpaper

French Publications: Citizen K, ELLE, Glamour, International Herald Tribune, Jalouse, M. Figaro, Marie Claire, Numero, Officiel, Vogue

Italian Publications: Amica, CHI, Corriere Della Sera, D Repubblica, Elle, Espresso, Flair, Glamour, Grazia, Io Donna, M. Claire, Max, Vanity Fair, Vogue

German Publications: ELLE, Glamour, In Style, Madame, Petra, Vogue

Spanish Publications: ELLE, Glamour, La Vanguardia Magazine, Telva, Vogue

Belgium Publications: Elle Knaak W End, M Claire

Japanese Publications: 20 ans, ELLE, Harper's Bazaar, Spur, Vogue

Chinese Publications: Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Harper's Bazaar, I Look

Russian Publications: ELLE, Harper's Bazaar, Jalouse, Officiel, Vogue, Wall Paper

Material Girl and Ray Of Light video directors speak
Posted: 14 February 2005

Fellow fansite www.madonna-tv.com now has for download Mary Lambert and Jonas Akerlund talking about directing the videos for Material Girl and Ray Of Light which were featured in Channel 4's The 100 Greatest Pop Videos which aired last week.

Mary Lambert revealed that Madonna spent most of her time onset smooching with video co-star Keith Carradine....before Mary introduced her to Sean Penn.

Jonas Akerlund (who is now directing the Re-Invention tour documentary) commented that the video took 14 days to shoot due to the time-lapse photography he used. The footage was shot in Sweden, New York and Las Vegas. The baby featured in an ultrasound during the video is actually Jonas's son!

Steven Klein signed poster
Posted: 14 February 2005

madonnalicious visitor Kirsten has sent us this picture of her Steven Klein signed X-STaTic PRo=CeSS exhibition poster which she got at the Camerawork Gallery in Berlin. Click on the image to see the full length poster.

More Versace adverts in UK magazines
Posted: 14 February 2005 - Thanks to Matthew

UK fans can catch Madonna's Versace adverts in the latest issues of Arena (where she is on the phone) and Esquire (with her feet up on the desk shot).

Madonna.com celebrates the Grammys
Posted: 13 February 2005

Madonna's official website, www.madonna.com, have updated their site with a picture from the 1999 Grammy Awards.


Steven Klein's X-STaTic PRo=CeSS
Posted: 13 February 2005

Steven Klein's official website www.stevenkleinstudio.com has been updated with pictures and video clips from the Berlin Camerawork exhibition.

Versace Advert in UK Elle
Posted: 12 February 2005

UK fans can pick up another of Madonna's adverts for Versace in the March 2005 edition of Elle magazine which has just hit the stores in the UK.


Download: 1994 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Posted: 11 February 2005

Here is a great 'tongue-in-cheek' interview from 1994, when Madonna guested on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. This appearence was following on from her infamous swearword-filled TV interview with David Letterman. This interview with Jay Leno was to show her 'sweet and innocent side....'

Right Click And Save Target As
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno - 1994 - WMV - 6:13 seconds - 11.3Mb

Re-Invention tour DVD saga continues
Posted: 10 February 2005 - Thanks to Michael for the Billboard news

madonnalicious visitor Jamie sent in this email regarding the Re-Invention tour DVD:

I have just come back from a week in Barcelona and whilst I was in the giant music store FNAC, I noticed that there was a huge sign advertising the Re-Invention Tour DVD with a release date of the 4th April 2005.
When I asked, the guy behind the counter showed me a list of all the pre releases and he told me that was definitely the date that is is due to be released! Fingers crossed ah?

Billboard.com were asked about a release date for the tour DVD and had this to say:

Unfortunately, we're as much in the dark as you are. While there are plans to release a DVD of the Re-Invention Tour, as well as a documentary, no release dates for either have been announced.
Furthermore, while there are many Internet rumors floating around with regards to release dates and such, Madonna's camp has yet to confirm any of them and no official news has been issued about either project in some time.

Rolling Stone's Top Money Makers 2004
Posted: 10 February 2005

Today's edition of UK newspaper the Metro looks at the Rolling Stone's list of 2004's top music money makers. Madonna is in second place behind Prince, and would have probably beaten him had her Re-Invention tour not been so expensive to stage!

German Elle magazine
Posted: 09 February 2005 - Thanks to Kirsten

Here are scans of an interview with Madonna from the February 2005 issue of German Elle magazine - click to enlarge.

More confusing news on the Re-Invention DVD
Posted: 09 February 2005

Despite rumours that the release of the Re-Invention tour DVD may now be postponed from a March/April 2005 release to a release date much later in the year, madonnalicious has now heard some more news from Holland regarding the DVD.

madonnalicious visitor Ken, visited a music store in Breda, Holland today. While in the store he saw a huge sign that said: Reserve now! The Re-Invention tour DVD is out on 18 March.

Further news has come from madonnalicious visitor Elvin who says that the Free Record Shop in The Netherlands also has a scheduled release date of 18 March for the tour DVD.

Again we have to say that no official confirmation has yet been given out by Madonna's team about a release date for this DVD and there are many conflicting rumours at the moment, but keep visiting this site for the latest updates!

Vote for the Greatest American
Posted: 09 February 2005 - Thanks to James

AOL Television are conducting a survey to who people identify as the Greatest American, they claim this person can be: Someone who seized opportunites, saw things in a different way, or stood out in the crowd? Someone who demonstrated determination, vision and hard work? This person could be an inventor, explorer, entertainer, entrepreneur, or athelete. They may have challenged us, delighted us, or outraged us.

To vote in the survey, visit http://tv.channel.aol.com/greatestamerican

Guy speaks about Madonna in Revolver
Posted: 08 February 2005

The new edition of UK film magazine Empire features a small interview with Guy Ritchie about his forthcoming film Revolver which is produced by Luc Besson and is due for release in November.

Shot in secrecy over ten weeks on the Isle Of Man, the filmed had wrapped just two hours before the director phoned Empire to give us the lowdown. 'It was a long one to write,' he says. 'Snatch and Lock, Stock took three months, but this one took about a year and a half.' And? What's it about? 'Let's just say it's about a gambling man who realises he's in for more than he thought.'
Like Ritchie's previous films, the script changed constantly throughout the writing process and then, just for laughs, metamorphosed completely a week before filming. 'It's a funny thing, writing. Particulary a script like this. Don't ask me what sort of genre it is because I'm left scratching my head. It was an endless process of tweaks, then for some reason it all just solidified'
Not only does the film put Ritchie's surreal humour on a back-burner ('It's a lot more serious than my other movies'), there's also no truth in the rumours that Mrs Ritchie, aka Madonna, has a cameo.
'No, she's not in it,' he insists. So the stories are made up? 'Completely made up.' He laughs. 'That's rare, isn't it?'

Madonna takes up karate
Posted: 08 February 2005 - From contactmusic.com

Superstar Madonna is following in her husband Guy Ritchie's footsteps, by taking up karate.
The British director is a black belt in the martial art and has encouraged his famous wife to join in during practice sessions.
A friend says, 'Madonna has been taking her classes very seriously. Guy is into karate and Madonna's daughter Lourdes has taken classes.'
'In the past, Madonna has worried about being bruised before videos or photoshoots but she hasn't got any planned at the moment.'

NME Originals 80s A-Z of The New Romantics
Posted: 07 February 2005 - Thanks to João

A special edition of UK music magazine NME entitled 80s A-Z of The New Romantics takes a look at the pop stars of the 1980's - included are four pages on Madonna:

Versace campaign in the Portugese press
Posted: 07 February 2005 - Thanks to João

Portugese magazine TV Mais (January 2005 issue) features a one-page article on Madonna's advertising campaign for Versace.

The article also mentions her previous advertising campaigns with Gap and Max Factor.

Click on the image to read the article.

The 100 Greatest Pop Videos
Posted: 07 February 2005

UK TV station Channel 4 last night announced The 100 Greatest Pop Videos which were compiled from viewer's votes.
Madonna had 4 videos in the top 100: Ray Of Light at number 68, Material Girl at number 19, Vogue at number 9 and Like A Prayer at number 5.

1 - Michael Jackson - Thriller
2 - Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer
3 - A-ha - Take On Me
4 - Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
5 - Madonna - Like A Prayer
6 - Robbie Williams - Rock DJ
7 - Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
8 - The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
9 - Madonna - Vogue
10 - Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Madonna donates to Tsunami clothing auction
Posted: 06 February 2005 - From itv.com

Kate Winslet and Madonna are among a whole host of stars who have donated clothes to raise money for the Asian tsunami appeal.
Winslet has chosen to give away the slinky strapless gown designed especially for her by Ben de Lisi for the New York premiere of Finding Neverland.
Madonna has donated a signed studded belt to the auction for upmarket fashion website clothesagency.com.
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has contributed a green and black dress from Top Shop, while actor Richard E Grant has donated the suit he wore in the Spice Girls movie Spice World.
Liz Hurley, Elle Macpherson, Graham Norton and the Duchess of York have also offered personal items.
The online auction will begin on February 11 and run until March 13, with all money going to tsunami victims in Sri Lanka. Clothesagency.com is the brainchild of aristocrat Lady Apsley.
She said: 'We have been overwhelmed by the response from celebrities willing to donate to this worthy cause. We are hoping to attract some really big bids.'

I'm with the band
Posted: 06 February 2005

The UK edition of In Style magazine (March 2005 issue) features a look at celebrities and their engagement rings, Madonna's ring from Guy is featured in the article.

Versace campaign finally hits the UK
Posted: 05 February 2005

Madonna's advertising campaign for Versace has finally started in the UK and appears in the March editions of some UK fashion magazines.
Vogue UK features the two-page spread of Madonna with her feet up on the desk.

Madonna.com updates with Imagine
Posted: 05 February 2005

Madonna's official website www.madonna.com have updated their site with a stunning shot of Madonna performing John Lennon's hit Imagine at A Concert Of Hope: Tsunami Aid last month.

Jennifer Lopez inspired by early Madonna
Posted: 04 February 2005 - From vogue.co.uk

Jennifer Lopez, who is due to launch her first catwalk show for her fashion brand Sweetface had this to say about her early fashion inspirations:
I was the girl who would take my dad's sweatshirt and cut it up, so it had all these straps. I remember being very young and looking at Madonna and thinking she was the coolest: her bracelets up to her elbow, her lace and gloves and tights. Seeing how music is so correlated to fashion, or even how movies are so correlated to fashion, it's something so natural to me.

Site News: Latest Picture Uploads
Posted: 03 February 2005

80 pictures have been uploaded to the galleries, you can view these pictures here.

Madonna pictured in London today
Posted: 03 February 2005

Madonna was photographed today in North London as she left her gym - to view the pictures click here, here and here.

Versace campaign in the UK press
Posted: 02 February 2005

The latest issue of UK magazine hot stars (free with OK! magazine - February 08 issue 455) features a two-page article on the Versace Spring/Summer 2005 fashion campaign which is due to hit most UK fashion magazines this month.

Denmark Re-Invention DVD release date
Posted: 02 February 2005 - Thanks to Kim

According to Warner Music Denmark the Madonna Re-Invention tour DVD will be released in Denmark on May 16th.

Nanook of North London
Posted: 02 February 2005
Thanks to MadonnaMegaCollection for the scan

Today's edition of the New York Daily News featured a picture of Madonna attending her pilates class in North London with the caption:

Madonna bundled up in her 'Nanook of the North' finest as she was whisked to a top-secret Pilates class at an undisclosed location in North London.

That's Madonna. Right there!
Posted: 02 February 2005

Here is some more on Madonna's appearance on The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott from www.manhunt.com:

'That's Madonna, Right There!' - The final five performers take a private jet to Los Angeles, where they move into a mansion, and later are surprised when superstar Madonna takes time from her busy concert tour schedule to meet with them and share some valuable advice on the music business, on THE ROAD TO STARDOM WITH MISSY ELLIOTT, Wednesday, Feb. 16 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on UPN.

We are all Crazy For You
Posted: 01 February 2005

Madonna's 1985 hit Crazy For You was voted as the Best Love Song in an online poll conducted by Entertainment Weekly.
Despite being in fourth place a few days ago, Crazy For You finally took first place with 39% of the votes, followed in second place by Vision of Love by Mariah Carey with 27% and Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You with 6% of the votes.

1989 Rolling Stone magazine up for grabs
Posted: 01 February 2005

Head over to fellow fansite www.madonnamemories.com for the chance to win a copy of Rolling Stone magazine from 1989.
There is also a chance to ask Virgin Tour bassist Bill Lanphier a question and win more prizes!

Rome Madonna Party
Posted: 01 February 2005

On February 16 at 11.00 pm the 'BED GUYS DE MARCHA' in Rome will hold an inauguration parade at 'Gilda' in via Mario de’ Fiori n.97 (the historical discothèque of the Italian capital).
Music for the entire parade will be Madonna, in dedication to her. Whoever wants to come will enter free. All it takes is an SMS to the number +39 320 8011972 or an email to bedguys@hotmail.com giving your full name and number of people attending. RVSP 14 February, 2005.

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