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News Archive: January 2003
The Natural
Posted: 31 January 2003

From The Metro's Green Room gossip column:
Paramount Studio bosses impressed by Madonna's comic timing during an appearance on sitcom Will and Grace have offered the star her own series.
My US source said: 'TV is a natural home for her and she was very keen.'

Madonna's back in the saddle
Posted: 30 January 2003

This week's OK! magazine (04 February 2003 issue) features two new pictures of Madonna cycling in Los Angeles.

Closer demands Come back Madge!
Posted: 29 January 2003

UK magazine Closer (01-07 February 2003 issue) features Madonna and Guy on the cover and a two-page feature inside about Madonna 'leaving' Britain for good.
Unlike the Daily Mail article (see below), Closer magazine really want Madonna to stay in Britain and have included a handy cut-out badge for people to wear.
The magazine also features a one-page picture special of Madonna, Lourdes, Guy and Rocco.
There is also another new picture of Madonna with her new hair colour - see below.


Daily Mail attacks Madonna with Good Riddance Madge
Posted: 29 January 2003

Today's Daily Mail newspaper, reporter David Thomas gleefully tells the world why he is glad to see Madonna leaving Britain.
In the newspaper which once declared itself a Madonna-free zone and has never been a fan of Madonna but ironically always seems to have the most coverage of her, the two-page feature attacks Madonna with such lines as The question is not: 'Why is Madonna leaving the country?' the question is, 'Why did we ever care in the first place?'

Click here to see the page of pictures and comments that were included in the article.

More Leaving London news....
Posted: 28 January 2003

Now her father-in-law is spilling the beans....from Hello!:
Madonna's love affair with everything English seems to be coming to an end. Two years after hubby Guy Ritchie persuaded her to move to London, the Material Girl has decided she's tired of the city's overcast skies and it's time to head back to sunny California.
'I think Madonna is very happy to be out of London because the harsh winter weather was getting her down,' explains her father-in-law John Ritchie. 'They have a pool at their home in Los Angeles and there are beaches nearby. I think the climate suits her much better.'
'Guy does miss London and obviously he misses his family and friends,' says John. 'But Lourdes, Rocco and Madonna are all much happier with the weather in Los Angeles.'
The sudden decision Guy's dad says the family 'packed everything up two days before Christmas and just left' was foreshadowed by the Music singer's recent comments as she looked over the LA skyline. 'Why are we stuck living in a ****hole like London,' she reportedly said, 'when we could be living here?'

Herb Ritts Memorial Service
Posted: 28 January 2003

Madonna and Lourdes attended the Memorial Service in honour of Herb Ritts on 25 January in Los Angeles.

Picture from Madonna-Mad News - a larger version can be viewed there.

It's Hollywood for Madonna
Posted: 26 January 2003

Madonnarama is reporting that Madonna's new album is called Hollywood and that this is also the title of the second single from the album.

Site News: Latest Picture Uploads
Posted: 26 January 2003

80 pictures have been uploaded to the Galleries - you can view these latest uploads here.

Madonna leaving London? - Liz answers back
Posted: 22 January 2003

Madonna's rep Liz Rosenberg has set the record straight on from rumours that surfaced last week that Madonna had removed Lourdes out of her London school because The Ritchies were leaving London and moving back to Los Angeles.

Madonna's rep, Liz Rosenberg, says the reports are greatly exaggerated. 'The family is in L.A. now and Lourdes is going to school there,' she says, 'but they're returning to London sometime in the spring and she'll be back at school in London then.'

From the NY Post - thanks to Jessica.

Madonna goes Brunette Pictures
Posted: 22 January 2003

This week's heat magazine (25-31 January 2003 issue) features two of the 'Madonna's changed her hair colour' pictures - one of them not published before.

You can now view these pictures in a larger format than has been seen before in the 2003 Gallery.

Site News: Latest Picture Uploads
Posted: 20 January 2003

64 pictures have been uploaded to the Galleries - you can view these latest uploads here.

Posted: 19 January 2003

More tabloid tittle-tattle from The People:
Madonna and Guy Ritchie love to squabble over scrabble. And pals say the pop queen even practises on the internet to beat Guy on the double word scores.

Q Magazine - 100 Songs That Changed The World
Posted: 18 January 2003

A special-edition of the UK music magazine, Q features the 100 Songs That Changed The World and Madonna's Like A Virgin is at number 30.
The case for Like a Virgin being one of the songs that changed the world is that it Created the video age's first female superstar.

Here is an extract from the article by Andy Cowan:
Like a Virgin was a calculated masterstroke. Allying lyrics loaded with suggestion and innuendo to producer Nile Rodger's gossamer grooves and a timeless bassline was powerful enough, but doubly potent when combined with a video of Madonna alternately writhing on a gondola and being stalked by a lion while in full bridal garb. The video age had spawned it's first female superstar.
A US chart-topper for six weeks and an enduring karaoke classic, it confirmed Madonna's iconic status, still intact many changes of image and musical direction later. Beat that Kylie.


Back to her roots
Posted: 17 January 2003

Madonna has had her hair dyed back to a very dark colour this week, possibly for the photo-shoot for her new album.

To view more and larger pictures visit the great Madonna-Mad Forum.

Madonna made most of the UK tabloids on 17 January 2003 with pictures of her new hair colour - even Madonna changing her hair colour is news to the UK press!

It's Hollywood for Madonna and Guy
Posted: 15 January 2003

Madonna and Guy were snapped as they took a walk under the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles at the beginning of this month.
These pictures feature in the UK magazine Hot Stars (free with OK! magazine 22 January 2003 issue) - and can be viewed in the 2003 Gallery.

Site Information: What happened to Madonnalicious
Posted: 12 January 2003

Sorry to anyone who tried to access Madonnalicous over the past 10 days and found it had disappeared - my webhosts deleted and disabled Madonnalicious due to the fact this site was monopolising their resources.
It seems the relaunch was just too popular and the site's bandwidth usage was extreme.
In order for me to have Madonnalicious online again, I have had to move to a new webhost.

A big thank-you to everyone who emailed me with their support over this issue (especially everyone on the mailing list).

Love Clare

Muzik magazine
Posted: 12 January 2003

The February 2003 issue of UK magazine Muzik features Madonna on the cover, and a one-page article inside as part of their Heroes! Dance music's ultimate icons, mavericks and freaks special.


Site News: Latest Picture Uploads
Posted: 12 January 2003

48 pictures have been uploaded to the Galleries - you can view these latest uploads here.

Madonna The Snake!
Posted: 06 January 2003

First he had a chimpanzee called Bubbles, now Michael Jackson has got a snake called Madonna! The white defanged snake is apparently quite vicious, which is why he chose to name the snake after Madonna.

Computer-generated picture by heat magazine Place Your Bets!
Posted: 06 January 2003

UK magazine heat (04-10 January 2003 issue) asked bookmakers Blue Square what the odds were for Madonna to win an Oscar this year.

Blue Square gave odds of 500/1 - so unless you are really sure she is going to win for Swept Away, I wouldn't bother putting any money on her!

Madonna in Los Angeles
Posted: 01 January 2003

Madonna has been spotted in Los Angeles - possibly getting promotional material ready for her new album.

Or maybe she just went to LA to avoid the 'lovely' London winter weather - see the Madonna in London story below!

Picture from www.people.com

  Madonna in London
Posted: 01 January 2003

Madonna was spotted on her bike again at the end of December, wrapped-up well, braving the London winter weather.
Pictures from Closer Magazine - 04-10 January 2003 issue.

New Year, New Name, New Look - It's Madonnalicious!
Posted: 01 January 2003

Welcome to my new website - LittleStar has gone but Madonnalicious has arrived.

The site has now been streamlined into a picture-news site - that means you'll find all the latest news and pictures of Madonna from the UK press here!

There are a few new features as well - you'll find scans of Newspaper Covers from 1991.

Each month you'll find a selection of scanned archive Articles from Madonna's 20-year career.

There is now a Features section which houses such Madonnalicious specials as an inside look at Mario Testino: Portraits Exhibition and full scans of the Up For Grabs program.

The Galleries now contain over 2000 pictures, and I have many, many more pictures to add to the galleries.

So I hope you enjoy the New Year, New Name, New Look Madonnalicious!

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