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News Archive: September 2002
Site Update: Galleries
Posted: 30 September 2002

Another 66 pictures have been uploaded to the Galleries.

Madonna takes Manhattan
Posted: 30 September 2002

Here are the latest pictures of Madonna out and about in New York as published in the 30 September edition of US Weekly.

The rest of the pictures can be viewed in the 2002 Gallery.

Fancy a roll at Claridge's?
Posted: 29 September 2002

The Sunday Mirror newspaper has a two-page interview with Adriano Giannini, Madonna's co-star in Swept Away. He talks about meeting Madonna and Guy at Claridge's hotel in London for a screen-test.
'I was nervous but desparate not to show it. Guy introduced himself and then Madonna came in. It was really funny. She was in an old T-shirt and jeans and came up and said, 'Hi, I'm Madonna'. And I'm like....'Yeah, I kind of knew that,' but smiling politely.'
Five minutes later, Adriano and Madonna were rolling around on the floor together - trying out the violent beating scenes which have so offended test audiences.

OK! is totally Swept Away with Madonna
Posted: 25 September 2002

The new issue of OK! magazine (02 October issue) has gone Madonna mad!

There is a ten-page feature on Swept Away featuring pictures from the film.
These pictures can be viewed in the 2002 Gallery.

There is also a full page picture of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow at the Versace Fashion show from earlier this year in an article about why they are friends.

And there is the two-page New York spread in Hot Stars magazine which is free with OK! magazine - see news item below.

Hot Stars - Madonna in New York
Posted: 25 September 2002

The 02 October 2002 issue of Hot Stars magazine (free with OK! magazine) features a two-page spread of Madonna, Guy and Rocco out and about in New York.

All the featured pictures can be viewed in the 2002 Gallery.

In Style Swept Away pictures
Posted: 24 September 2002

LittleStar has finally got hold of a copy of the US edition of In Style magazine (September issue) which featured a three-page pictorial spread about Swept Away.

You can view all seven pictures in the 2002 Gallery.

Love Actually for Madonna
Posted: 23 September 2002

From www.peoplenews.com
Madonna is set to play a cameo role in Richard Curtis new film, Love Actually, starring Hugh Grant.
Far from being put off acting after the disastorous reviews Swept Away (the film she has made with hubby Guy Ritchie) has so far gained, Madge is in talks about having a small role in the Brit flick.
Love Actually, starring Hugh Grant as a love-starved PM, who falls for his tea-lady Martine McCutcheon, also stars British acting luvvies Colin Firth, Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman.
The film is billed as a Robert-Altman-style comedy, featuring ten different love stories that climax on Christmas Eve.

Site Update: Galleries
Posted: 22 September 2002

Another 63 pictures have been uploaded to the Galleries.

Madonna's British bathroom fears
Posted: 17 September 2002

From www.peoplenews.com
Madonna once hated the idea of living in the UK because she thought she'd have to leave the house to go to the loo. 'The first time I stayed here I had to take a bath down the hall,' she says. ' It didn't occur to me people had bathrooms in their houses.'

Guy wants to take the lead (guitar)
Posted: 16 September 2002

From www.peoplenews.com
Guy Ritchie has finally given up on his dreams of forming a family pop group. He bought wife Madonna a guitar after Rocco was born. 'I really fancied playing together but we just tended to get really ratty with each other. I've got no sense of time and I always wanted to lead,' he says.

Latest picture
Posted: 16 September 2002

Here is the latest picture of Madonna as she left her New York apartment yesterday.

Site Update: Galleries
Posted: 10 September 2002

LittleStar has uploaded 63 more pictures into the Galleries.

Latest pictures of Madonna
Posted: 10 September 2002

Here are the latest pictures of Madonna in New York. Thanks to Jamie O'Brien for the third picture which was taken yesterday.


New issue of ICON out now!
Posted: 10 September 2002

All members of Madonna's official fanclub ICON should receive the new issue any day soon.

Each magazine also features another Backstage Pass from the Drowned World Tour.

LittleStar received her copy today!

Jane and Vanity Fair high-quality pictures online
Posted: 08 September 2002

LittleStar now has high quality scans of all the pictures featured in Jane and Vanity Fair magazines.

You can view these pictures in the 2002 Gallery.


For Sale: One country estate
Posted: 08 September 2002

From the Sunday Mirror:
Madonna is putting her £9 million country pile back on the market after just 10 months there.
The singer thinks the 1,200-acre Ashcombe Park estate in Wiltshire, doesn't offer the privacy she and her husband Guy Ritchie need.
Now she's ordered aides to search for another more secluded country house for her and Guy, plus her two children, Lourdes, five, and 19-month-old Rocco, to get away from it all when they are in Britain.

More Swept Away pictures
Posted: 07 September 2002

There are six new pictures from Swept Away from www.yahoo.com

These can be viewed in the 2002 Gallery.

Guy and Madonna gag Vinnie
Posted: 05 September 2002

From Now magazine:
Vinnie Jones will be hitting the theatre trail shortly on his one-man tour of the UK. But anyone planning to go along and glean juicy inside gossip about his showbiz pals Guy Ritchie and Madonna will be disappointed.
The celebrity couple have made it clear to the former soccer hardman that under no circumstances do they want to be part of the act.
Vinnie and his wife Tanya have become firm pals with Mr and Mrs Ritchie and attended their wedding in Scotland back in December 2000. They're regular guests at Guy and Madonna's homes in Los Angeles, London and Wiltshire.
But the couple, who fiercely guard their privacy, have asked Vinnie not to discuss details of their home life, wedding or anything to do with their children.
During his show, Vinnie will be taking questions from the audience. Perhaps he can deal with unwelcome ones as he has done previously - by biting his interrogator's nose.

Die Another Day - Filming the video
Posted: 05 September 2002

Now magazine (11 September 2002 issue) has a two-page spread featuring pictures of Madonna filming her new video.


Hot Stars magazine
Posted: 05 September 2002

The 07-13 September 2002 issue of Hot Stars magazine (free with OK magazine) has a two-page spread filled with pictures from the trailer and behind-the-scenes of Swept Away. All the pictures can be viewed in the 2002 Gallery.


Vanity Fair pictures
Posted: 04 September 2002

Here is a quick look at the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair. LittleStar will bring you high-quality scans when the magazine is published.

Thanks to Chris Scales for taking these screen captures from the BBC Choice program Liquid News.



First official picture from Die Another Day video shoot
Posted: 01 September 2002

The UK newspaper The Mail on Sunday features the first official picture from the Die Another Day video set.
As you can see in the picture, Madonna is badly battered and bloody after being 'tortured' by prison officiers in the video.

Site Update: Swept Away Avatars
Posted: 01 September 2002

LittleStar has uploaded 30 brand new Swept Away avatars.

Take a look at the selection here.

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