Wednesday 15 October - TD Banknorth Center, Boston

From Dan:
I was at the first Boston show, the show that happened the night of the divorce announcement. I was in the fourth row at the end of the catwalk center stage. The show was amazing and so was the crowd, the best crowd I had witnessed of the three shows I had seen, (I was also at NJ show and third MSG show).

From Denise:
While we were in the venue waiting for the show to start I noticed a strange atmosphere that I had never experienced before in my other 10 times seeing Madonna.
I think the entire crowd was thinking about the divorce announcement that took place only hours earlier. I think everyone was first concerned for her and her family's well being. And a distant second concern was what was the concert going to be like? Would she be mellow, would she talk about it. I personally felt kind of bad that there we were waiting to be entertained while her world was being rocked.
So the show started and she behaved and entertained us like nothing at all was going on in her personal life. I was with 3 friends who had never seen her live before and they could not believe the show and the shape she was in (even though I told them before hand). She had lots of energy, smiled a lot and seemed to really enjoy the crowd. When she started playing Miles Away and dedicated it to the 'Emotionally Retarded' and said that she new some emotionally retarded people, we all were stunned and looked at each other and said, OMG who is she talking about. One of my friends immediately said it was meant for Guy.
At a different point in the concert she said that 'although she wanted to talk about Sarah Palin, she was told not to'. My guess is that Barak Obama's campaign asked her not to, who else would she actually listen to. After the mellower part of her concert, with the Romanian folk music, she spoke to the crowd in a concerned voice and said 'how come you are all so quiet' I felt like it was her way of saying, 'okay I'm going through a rough time but we can still have fun tonight' after that the crowd got back into it.
I asked my London friends that I was sitting next to, how the Boston crowd compared to London and New York? They said it was an amazing crowd! So I'm glad we gave her a good response. The request song was American Life there were a bunch of people with American Life signs. She said she couldn't remember the words and we would have to help her which we all gladly did.
I was personally bummed that Donna Delory wasn't a part of the concert. She has been such a fixture for 20 years. I noticed at least 4 dancers from the last tour and two that go back to the 04 tour. And her guitar player Monte was there of course. I loved the concert, could have done without Human Nature, I have never liked that song. I can't say that it is my favorite tour. It is a close second to the 04 and 06 tours.

From Dj:
I went to the Madonna concert in Boston, Wednesday night. It was an amazing time! Full of energy and excitement! There were so many people dressed up as Madonna. I saw Blond Ambition Madonna, Confessions Madonna, and anything else you could imagine.
We got at the garden around six, and they opened the doors around seven. Finally around 7:30 we were at our seats. We waited what seemed like forever. Finally at around 8:20, I believe it was Paul Oakenfold took center stage at the end of Madonnas catwalk and played about a half hour of remixed Madonna hits and Top 20 hits. EVERYONE was dancing and he got the garden going.
At around 9:30 the lights went out, and thousands of excited screams erupted in the garden as the intro to Candy Shop began. Madonna appeared on her throne, glowing, and sexy as ever. She started into Candy Shop and did her amazing set list. During She's Not Me, the video screens froze, I was located in the front row of the LOGE section, about 15-20 feet from Madonna and she didn't seem impressed. Also after Get Stupid the video screen for 4 Minutes froze, and you could see all the techies scrambling around.
Some highlights, were when Madonna threw her heart-shaped glasses into the crowd. People were fighting like crazy for them. During You Must Love Me, everyone was screaming and cheering, she stopped singing and said 'Oh why thank you!' and she had the most beautiful smile on.
At one point during the rave section, someone threw a glow stick or something on her stage and she screamed, NO SHIT ON MY STAGE MOTHERFUCKERS! Also during her request section, she sang American Life, and gave some girl the finger! During Give It 2 Me, the older men who play the instruments in La Isla Bonita, took the backing singers spots and began dancing at their microphones! I got a pic of it, and I dont think many other people noticed.
All in all it was an amazing night, she knocked down VP nominee Sarah Palin, and was extremely interactive, carrying conversations on with the crowd. Boston LOVES MADONNA! Cant wait until her next tour!

From Don:
I went to Boston for my first of 4 shows on the Sticky and Sweet tour, my 17th show over all.
Once getting to Boston I got a call from a good friend, did you hear what happen to Madonna. I thought she had canceled the show! He then tells me she is getting a divorce. I was a little concerned that she was going to have a bad show. After thinking about it she has known about this for a while and I thought maybe she was happy it was finally out in the open and I think she was!
She does have the DJ come on about 8:15 and play for about 30 minutes. He was really good playing Madonna mixes and other current hits! I have always thought for every tour she should do this and she finally did! However I did not understand why he went off and then she did not come on until 9:19. By then the energy level had dropped again. Seems like she would want him to play right up until she comes out?
Guy Oseary and several of the dancers were walking in the crowd while the DJ was playing. Guy was even taking pictures of people in the audience dressed up for the show.
The time came for her to come on and wow....did she look great! She had a big smile on her face as soon as the thrown turned around, I knew this was going to be a good show!
A few things I wanted to point out....
The only comment she made about Guy, when she started to play Miles Away she said this song is about the emotionally retarded and we all know I have someone like that in my life.
The remix of Like A Prayer is amazing!
Closing the show with Give It 2 Me was interesting because this is not a big hit in the states and over half the audience did not even know the song.
You will like the show if you like the Hard Candy CD she does nine songs off the CD. You could tell most people in the audience were not familiar with the CD, it was a little disappointing.
Good merchandise this time as well!
She looked great, was having fun and I look forward to seeing her again.
If you are going to the show and do not want to know anything about the show do not read any further! If you do here is a song by song break down.
Candy Shop was a great way to open the show just like she did at the New York showcase.
Beat Goes On was fun and then all the sudden there was a white car on the stage and she was riding in it to the end of the runway!
Human Nature shows the Britney video and the mix of the song is just ok, a little more rock then I would have liked to be.
Vogue is fantastic! The new mix is a lot of fun.
Then the video for Die Another Day played while she changed outfits. To be honest I thought the video makes her look old and I did not care for it.
Into the Groove....are you kidding me with all the jump roping! I loved it! I need to get to a gym.
Heartbeat was good because I like that song from the new CD.
Borderline was good again more rock then I would have liked. She actually was going to play this on the Confessions Tour and it did not make the set list.
She's Not Me was fun with all the Madonna look-a-likes.
Music was fantastic! Just like the NY show case in April however just as much fun.
Rain/Here Comes The Rain the mix of the song again she was changing. Not to sure about the video though, it was kind of odd?
Devil was really nice her on the piano singing this is also my favorite dress during the show.
Spanish Lessons was fun.
Miles Away same as NY showcase however the only comment about Guy was made at this point.
La Isla Bonita was fun!
You Must Love Me, I was not looking forward to and it was actually really good!
Get Stupid is the infamous video with McCain....
4 Minutes I thought was a low point in the show, there was not much energy in the audience.
Like a Prayer....OMG....this was amazing. I cannot tell you how amazing the mix is!
Ray Of is what is it, not sure why she did this one again.
Then the request section was American was a very bad attempt!
Hung Up rocked!
Give It 2 Me closed the show, I love this song and cannot get enough of it!

From Phil:
I attended Madonna's 1st night in Boston at the TD Banknorth Garden. The performance was a triumph, reworked mixes of old classics bridge the gap between old school and contemporary sounds. Highlights of the evening were Like A Prayer, Borderline, Vogue and the showstopping finale Give It 2 Me!
Madonna never stop what you do, cos you inspire, entertain and excite!

From Shauna:
I paid $352.00 to see Madonna by myself in Boston on Wednesday, and it was worth every PENNY! My ticket was eight rows back, but I befriended a couple Madonna fans (gay men, the best Madonna fans to hang out with!) and they let me stand with them in the second row in front of the catwalk. Cost me $30, I just kept buying them drinks!
Best concert of my life!! She was so close. She kept looking at me and one of the guys I sat with, because we were the only ones singing every single song and dancing like crazy. She even noticed I was taking a picture and made sure she held a glance right at me so I could get a direct shot.
Despite the Guy Ritchie divorce being announced, she didn't miss a beat. She made a reference to people being 'retarded about feelings' or something along those lines during Miles Away, and a few of us thought it was a shot at him. The press, by the way, was outside TD BankNorth trying to get fan reaction. Extra, Entertainment Tonight, Reuters, etc.
She also snapped at some people refusing to get out of their seats. She had a point. They paid $350 to sit there. Give someone else those seats that will appreciate them!
She said she isn't allowed to talk about Sarah Palin anymore at one point. I'm surprised, last time I checked nobody tells Madonna what to do! :-)
Great show! I got the black tour jacket too. The one that says 'Sticky Sweet' on the front. So comfortable!

From Tattoo Girl:
Last night Madonna ROCKED Boston! She looked amazing and sounded incredible. Some of the highlights were 'Like A Prayer', 'La Isla Bonita' and a gorgeous version of 'You Must Love Me'.
Despite yesterday's news, she played to the crowd and looked very happy. Although I must say, there was a little extra 'energy' during 'Miles Away' and 'She's Not Me'.
Once again Madonna has proven that she is the best the business has to offer!

Thursday 16 October - TD Banknorth Center, Boston

From Dan:
Despite the recent news, M seemed to be in a pretty good mood. She was very talkative with the audience and really seemed to be enjoying herself. She brought her Musical Director (who is from Boston) out on stage for the request song. His mother was in the audience and M asked him what his mother would like to hear. He said she wanted to hear Express Yourself, so that was the request song. There were a lot of people with Dress You Up signs and I saw some with Cherish signs that when M say them, she said something like 'Cherish - no way.'
She got an incredible response from the crowd for Devil Wouldn't Recognize You and in particular, an extended ovation for You Must Love Me. It seemed to me the crowd was showing her their support in regards to the divorce.
M actually took a spill during La Isla Bonita/Lela Pala Tute with her legs coming out from under her. Looked like she slipped on something and she just laid right down on her back. She played it off pretty well though and just got right back up.
I have to say though, there is nothing like a NYC crowd. As fun as Boston was, the NYC crowd was much livelier and seemed to be enjoying themselves more.

From Marissa:
Opening was incredible but in the closeups Madonna did seem a bit lethargic, like she was just going through the motions. The crowd wasn't that pumped up until the Into The Groove segment, everybody was out of their seats. She's Not Me was loved by all. The Rain interlude was moving but many people saw it as an intermission.
The Spanish inspired part was incredible, Madonna fell during the difficult choreography of La Isla bBonita, jumped up, smiled, and said 'shit happens'. She took shots with a dancer during a folk song, she was hilarious taking shots.
During the request section she took one of her stage managers on stage (a gorgeous black man) and brought him over to his mom in the front row and he gave his mom a kiss, she then sang Express Yourself as a request, she said 'I'll sing a line, you sing a line, YOU do a line' (to a scraggly looking woman in the front) hung up the screechy part - she said 'after 29 moves, the queen will always beat the king' (totally directed at Guy).
Crowd went absolutely nuts during Like A Prayer. Overall great show, she did look a bit sad at the beginning but really got into her groove by the end.

From Matthew:
Madonna's show in Boston on Thursday was amazing! The audience was so diverse. I was sitting right next to a 72 year-old fan (she was proud to tell me her age) attending her first show. Though in my section there were a lot of other older fans and they sat down a lot and looked at me funny for dancing through out the entire show.
I think she worked it more than normal proving that her personal life wasn't going to ruin her show. The show started around 9:30 and the crown went wild during the opening number. Madonna was talkative during the show. Some of my highlights of the show were Vogue, Borderline, Into The Groove, You Must Love Me, La Isla Bonita, Like A Prayer and Give It 2 Me. She just really worked it during those songs.
I liked this show better than Confessions, though not sure if it was better than Re-Invention.

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