Saturday 08 November - MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas

From Jersey:
I have gone to 3 shows for this tour now, Toronto, Montreal and Vegas....and can I say....she was not impressed in Vegas. She was telling the crowd to wake up numourous times, and during 'Into The Groove' where she lets the audience sing while she skips rope.....they didnt sing. And she told them they sucked. As a non-resident of Vegas it was funny to see her tell the crowd how terrible they were.

From Nikki:
I was at the Saturday Vegas concert, and the request song was 'Open Your Heart', chose by a guy named Abraham. Madonna said he had a pretty big name, being 'named after the son of God'. She gave *his* singing efforts a C, and was annoyed at the people in the casinos (and I quote) 'smoking and placing their bets....fuck you!' I laughed, she's awesome.

Sunday 09 November - MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas

From Claud:
I was at the Sunday night show and she gave a great performance! She kept mentioning how the Sunday night crowd was better than Saturday night. She dedicated Miles Away to Perez Hilton who was at the show and in the front row. I am a Las Vegas local and this is my third time seeing her in concert for some reason the Vegas crowd is a tough one, she really has come along way from the very first time she came to Vegas (Drowned World) but she was great this weekend!

From Dan:
I had to tell you how awful the audience was in Vegas. I have seen Madonna more times than I can remember, and this was the first time I have ever seen her in Vegas - and the last. The crowd was so boring! Everyone basically just stood/sat there, other than the die hard fans. I felt so bad, because you could tell Madonna was trying to get the crowd going with little success.
During GITM, she was trying to get people to sing, pointing the microphone at them, and NOTHING! She finally said, no one here is even singing the song....fuck this! She said the Saturday audience was even worse....I don't know how that's possible. I guess Vegas has too many free comped tickets and big wigs that go, cause I have never seen an audience like that before. We all said it definitely affected the show and the energy (even though Perez Hilton was in the front row).
Still, she looked and sounded great, and we made the best of it. I just felt bad cause she was working her ass off, and the show was half over before the audience showed any sign of having fun. Also, for me, Like A Prayer was the highlight of the show!

From Max:
Just got back from Vegas. OMG it was awesome. I went both nights. Saturday night my seat was further back on first lower section 5 rows up. I couldn't believe how amazing the visuals are and the drop down 360 video is like watching a giant lava lamp. You dont get the full impact of the 360 video sitting up close. I was simply hypnotised during the Devil Wouldn't Recognise You.
Then Sunday I was on row 8 - seat 8 on the floor. But the security guys let us stand at the catwalk barier. So I was able to watch the entire concert perched precisly where the catwalk joins the mini stage. It was like being in a dream.
Lindsey Lohan was there and was quite the little bitch. She was raising hell she and her posse didnt have front row seats. Then she starts smoking and security had to make her put out here smokes. Madonna even commented during the concert and asked people not to smoke.
Then Sunday night MGM Management made a no smoking announcement which they did make Saturday night. Madonna was yelling at the aisians for not standing up and she made some guy put up his cell phone. She was wound up Sunday night. MGM must pay her alot of money to do MGM because I don't think she really likes the crowd the MGM draws.
But concert drama aside I had a blast. I have lost my voice and I'm so fricking worn out. Three days to catch my breath and I head out for Houston for my last Sticky Sweet Experience.

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