Saturday 01 November - Oracle Arena, Oakland

From Ian:
Last night was amazing of course - Madonna was very smiley and seemed happier and more relaxed on stage than the previous three tours I've seen. She acnowledged Oakland several times as well as shouts to San Francisco and the entire Bay Area!
During the request portion she asked a cute boy in a green shirt on front row/stage left and he shouted 'Causing a Commotion!' She turned to the band and pondered it for a moment before 'No, no....try again!' - I think the second time he said 'Cherish' but it was hard to tell - but she quickly said 'No....cute tee-shirt though!'
Then she moved on to stage right - the girl she picked yelled out 'Like A Virgin!' and Madonna said 'Alright now were talkin!' and proceeded with the first verse and chorus! Then she said 'See wasn't that cheesy, but fun?!' And she thanked both of the audience members.
During the amazing ten minute finale of 'Give It 2 Me' she had about three people sing in the mic including one enthusiastic boy in white sunglasses who sang and held his hand up and Madonna high-fived him about ten times in a row really fast. It was great!

From Rahul:
This was the 23rd time I have seen Madonna live and the fourth time on this tour (Cardiff, London, New York prior). I think this tour is getting better and better. She rocked the house in Oakland. It was her best performance. She seems to be much more relaxed, she interacted with the crowd, asked for their love and she even pointed and sang to me! Oakland was awesome - amazing venue, outstanding acoustics and energetic crowd. The best show of the tour I have been so far. Here's hoping she carries on to Asia and Australia as I will be sure to go see her there too! She remains the Queen!

From Sean H:
Her perfomance of 'You Must Love Me' was one of the best moments of the Oakland show. Her vocals, sometimes hit or miss in performance, were spot on. I don't know if she does this during her other performances of this song, but the moment above was very sweet. At the end she sang, 'You must love....' and looked sweetly confused, mouthing 'Who?' I got chills during this performance, and it is rare when Madonna fans scream because of a great vocal moment (usually for the dance moves). They did it here. Great concert.

Sunday 02 November - Oracle Arena, Oakland

From Dean:
Great show! We were 8 seats from the 2nd stage and it was a non-stop dance party. Several people had 'Dress You Up' signs for her to sing during the request section, but she replied 'I am not fond of that song'. Possibly because she had previously sung it as a request. She also made a joke about not knowing the words to the song 'Obama' because of all the Obama signs that were being held up.
She ended up picking 'Burning Up' as the request and she sounded great. Her dancer held the mic to a fan in the front and he seemed to have trouble either singing in the mic or remembering all the lyrics. She said 'Okay, that sucked, but I will make it up to you with the next song'. She seemed to favour the left side of the stage (her left) as she gave a lot of attention to that side.
We were blocked during 'You Must Love Me' because of the band members on her right side. Besides that, it was an amazing high energy performance. I loved 'Music' as she comes out of the New York subway for a party, then returns to the train when the song ends and the doors close. 'Like A Prayer' was very cool. It was a religious/rave/psychedelic/educational experience all in one! She looked absolutely fantastic! She reminded us all to vote and to only vote for Obama.
She didn't talk to the crowd as much as the night before (from what I read). Because of our floor seats and how the Oakland Arena is set up, we got to enter and exit the arena from backstage! I am sure Madonna has walked down those very same halls several times as her tour was in Oakland. Overall, an awesome experience with great seats! Worth every penny!

From Judd:
The best part of the evening is when she attempted to sing the special request, 'Burning Up.' She really messed it up....she forgot the lyrics and really depended on us to sing it for her. Oh, Guy Oseary was snapping pics too and started dancing and singing when 'Music' came on, hes adorable.

From Kris:
I was in both shows, and both nights were amazing. Madonna truly is the Queen of Pop. During the request portion, Madonna sang Like A Virgin on Saturday, which the audience adored and Burning Up on Sunday, which was not really familiar to a lot of the people in the audience. Burning Up was ended quickly and she commented something to the effect that 'We should not request something that we don't know the words to'. Kudos to Madonna for proclaiming her stance on same-sex marriages.
Highlights of the tour was the choreography and remix of Vogue, the mash-up version of Like A Prayer, and of course, the heart-wrenching You Must Love Me. Everything was just seamless. Can't wait for her next tour!

From Niicholas:
OMG, the show at Oakland was awesome. All the reviews coming back from the start of the concert were so so, and throughout the show I was like, what was all that about?
Her voice was amazing, You Must Love Me was amazing, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You, the gypsy section, GREAT, the whole thing was so great and I'm having a hard time remembering the rest. Its a big blur!

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